Profile and Achievements

Date of Birth: 20/03/1957

Marital Status: Married to Jan

Four Children: Janelle; Stephen; Sally & Kate (twins)

Height: 197 cms (6'4)

Weight: 158.75 kg (25 stone)

The Fosters: A World Champion Family

a chip off the old block!

David's late father, George Foster, was in his own right a World Champion axeman. Accordingly, David and his father combined to win the World 600 mm Double Handed Sawing Championship eleven (11) times straight.

Following on in his family tradition, David and his brother Peter Foster, have since extended the Foster grip on this World Championship by winning it an additional ten (10) times, a total of twenty (21) straight world titles.

David and Peter's reign came to an end in 2000, at the hand of the Kiwis, however they rallied to win the World Title back in 2001. After this success, Peter retired as David's partner and handed the reins over to David's son Stephen, now the third Foster and Foster combination in the 600mm Double Handed Sawing World Championship. In their first year together (2002), David and Stephen finished 4th in the final and in 2003 they improved to finish 3rd.

Keeping it in the family, David's only son, Stephen at nineteen (19) years of age, is destined to follow his grandfather, father and uncle's footsteps into the explosive world of woodchopping after some exceptional performances at a number of the shows over the last twelve months. In every sense of the word, "a chip off the old block." Stephen is currently a member of the Under 21 Australian Team.

Outstanding Achievements

David Foster is the first person in sporting history to have won 1000 championships. This was achieved at the Sydney Royal Easter Show in 1998 and widely reported by media both in Australia and overseas.

David has represented Australia since 1980 and was captain of Australia for 21 years consecutively. At the 2003 Sydney Royal Easter Show, David announced his retirement as captain of the Australian team, however will hopefully be able to represent his country for many years to come.

He has won the Australian Axeman of the Year a record breaking nine times in a row. In 1990 David was awarded Axeman of the Decade - the accolades just keep coming.

There is not a major event in Australia and New Zealand that David hasn't competed in and won - when he competed against the Americans he took three world records from them.

In addition to the above, David has also:

* Been awarded an Order of Australia Medal in the Queen's Birthday Honours List.

* Represented Australia in New Zealand and Jakarta and has also competed in America where he broke three (3) of their World Records.

* Been the only axeman to have ever won six out of seven championships at the Royal Sydney Show and has achieved that feat five (5) times.

* Won the World 400mm Underhand Championship at Lavington Sports Carnival eleven (11) times in a row.

* Won the World 600 mm Double Handed Sawing Championship with his late father, George Foster eleven (11) times straight and nine (10) times with his brother, Peter Foster, at the Royal Sydney Show; altogether winning this title 21 times straight.

* Was selected as one of the 15 Australian Achievers of the Year in 1989. Reached the final six (6) with Allan Border taking out the title.

* Named on 17 March 1990 the 1989 Lindy Award recipient for sporting excellence.

* Named Tasmanian Axeman of the Year in 1990. The only axeman to have ever won that award twice.

* In 1992 he was announced as the first Advance Australia Ambassador for Tasmania.

* Captained Australia to a 3-nil win over New Zealand in November 1994 and also 3-nil wins at the Sydney Show in 1995 and 1998 and a 2-nil win in 1999. This was followed up with a 3-nil win over the New Zealanders and Americans in 2000.

* In July 1994 David was awarded the Melvin Jones Fellowship Award, only the third person outside the Lion's organisation to have this award bestowed upon him.

* In June 1995 he was awarded a commendation from the Governor of Tasmania, General Sir Phillip Bennett, in recognition for his outstanding sporting achievements and his continued support of several charities.

* In May 1995 David was awarded the Paul Harris Fellowship Award (Rotary Foundation)

* On 24 November 1995 David was named as Tasmanian of the Year

* In March 1988 was announced as the Tasmanian Founding Member an Ambassador for the Olympic Club

* In May 1998, David was appointed as one of the first National Family Day Ambassadors by the Family Circle Foundation

* In August 1998, David was appointed as a Director of the National Australia Day Council for a period of three years.

*In January 1999, David was announced as the 1998 Tasmanian Sporting Personality of the Year voted by the readers of the Tasmanian Mercury Newspaper.

*On 25 April, 2000 (Anzac Day), David Foster was awarded the Anzac Medal for services to the community.

*In 2003 was awarded the Centenary Medal by the Governor of Tasmania Sir Guy Green

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Also, David is well known internationally, particularly in parts of the United States, The Netherlands, Ireland and Japan, and is revered as a hero in New Zealand.